Young Finnish Design Manifest


Young Finnish Design manufactures and sells design products by young designers. The products are furniture, lighting and interior design products.


As a young designer we refer to a designer who is in the early stage of his/her career and we do not refer to any age as such. Our ideology is based on designer-driven approach and that is why we offer higher royalty compared to the average.


Our passion is to forward contemporary design by young designers and hereby continue Finnish Design legacy from generation to generation. In Finnish Design field there should be more focus on the phenomena happening today and in the future instead of looking back to the past.


We are two furniture designers Heidi Huovinen and Elisa Luoto from Aalto University. We founded Young Finnish Design to solve a common problem that young designers are facing which is the difficulty of getting prototypes into manufacturing and to markets. We have encountered this problem through our own experience while we have been showcasing our products in international design fairs in New York, London and Helsinki. We decided to solve this problem ourselves with Finnish sisu and courage, from designers to designers.


designer-driven, quality, courage

How is Finnish Design doing?

We are writing a manifest because we want to start a conversation about how Finnish Design is doing nowadays. Additionally, we want to raise the importance of supporting young designers who are in the early stage of their career. We are inspired by the manifest written by the founders of Artek; Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen and Nils Gustav Hahl. Almost a century ago they were young visionaries who wanted to combine art and technology. Their aim was to bring design products and art forward internationally. As young founders ourselves we can easily relate to their manifest and the vision to create something new in design field. We consider them as role models who were looking forward to the future and had a will to make a global impact.



Elisa Luoto & Heidi Huovinen,

Founders of Young Finnish Design