Minna Kemppainen


  • Minna Kemppainen, Designer
My design style is clear and timeless, spiced up with strong and cheerful colors and details.

Minna Kemppainen is a young designer from Hyrynsalmi, Finland focusing on glass and ceramic design. In her work functionality and details are combined with bold and distinctive style. Her creativity arises from the surrounding shapes, colors and stories that are encountered every day. She adores practicality and aesthetical design.

Her work has been presented in Finnish Glass Museum as part of the Lasivoltteja! exhibition in 2016, and also in Helsinki Design Week 2017 in the W17 VIMMA Design Show. Minna is a graduated Designer from Häme University of Applied Sciences. At the moment, Minna lives in Helsinki and is working on her own design projects in glass design, product design and 3D-modeling.